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Vicki Tracy’s Hands on Healing is all about comfort: finding comfort in your emotions, and in your body around physical aches and pains. Or perhaps you just need to be nurtured and relax, to get away from your busy day for a while.

Vicki believes that what affects the mind also affects the body, and vice versa. By discovering the conflicts or mixed messages between the two you can resolve distress and discomfort and feel more ease in your life. Your healing session is custom-tailored for your needs using many skills and techniques, giving you exactly what you need rather than a one-size-fits-all experience.

Vicki Tracy

Vicki is a knowledgeable, emotionally intelligent woman who enjoys both giving and receiving touch. She is compassionate, full of joy and love that she enjoys sharing with others. She’s excited to help people find what they need through touch, self-awareness and self-discovery. She hopes to help people heal through these methods.

Her background is in healthcare, in which she found satisfaction in helping care for patients. In recent years insurance companies have changed the landscape, so she decided to look for something that gets her back to helping people directly. The hands-on approach suits her well.

Vicki has an insatiable desire to learn new and evolving ways to add to her healing skills not only to benefit clients but also to use in her every-day journey of self-discovery.

Washington born and raised, she is passionate about family, the beauty in nature, and finding peace and ease through mindfulness practices and meditation.