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Everett Cuddling


Teaching and sharing a basic human need

Those who thirst for nurturing touch and connection will find a refreshing oasis, a place to receive compassionate touch with loving presence, where you are seen, heard, and valued.

Enjoy cuddling and nurturing touch with Vicki, a professional cuddle companion whose love for touch you can feel. Regardless of size, shape, age or gender, everyone deserves touch.

When you take time to slow down and be in your body, stories may come up in your head. Cuddle sessions offer a safe environment where you can feel comfortable sharing about yourself if you choose to. Or, you can leave those stories behind along with the hustle and bustle of your day. There can be great power in relaxing in silence. It’s up to you. The goal is that you feel replenished and rejuvenated when your session is over.

Maybe you’d like to learn how to ask for the touch you want to receive or the touch you want to give. A cuddle session is a great chance to experiment.

If you enjoy the relaxing touch of massage, cuddling is another opportunity for you to not only receive but to hold someone as well. Instead of one-way touch, you are involved in the sharing as well. It can feel so nurturing to hold and be held. Individuals and couples of all genders and orientations are welcome. Vicki has a special place in her heart to support caregivers.

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Cuddling Guidelines

My goal is to create a safe place where you can learn skills to ask for and receive the touch and cuddling you need for a healthier self. You may ask for what you desire and are never required to touch or be touched at any time. If it turns out you are not interested in cuddling when you arrive at your appointment, that’s okay. We could just talk or sit quietly and listen to music, or maybe meditate. It’s totally up to you.

Touch is a very powerful and profound experience. You may open up old wounds or experience a blissful release of joy and happiness. All emotions are welcome here to the extent that you do no harm to yourself or others.

This is not a time or place for sexual experiences, this is a clothes-on experience to receive consensual touch. Sexual feelings are natural but not the purpose of our time together. There is no touching of the genitals, rubbing and fondling of the breasts, or kissing. However, due to the nature of the session, arousal sometimes happens. If that occurs, we can switch positions, take a break, or I’ll move to be the “Big Spoon.”

What happens here stays here. This is a safe space to try new things, confidentially.

To get the best experience out of your session please follow these guidelines and suggestions:

  • Be hygienic. Brush your teeth and have fresh clothes on or with you to change into. If needed, a shower is available for use during your session time.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing, something you feel good in like sweats or pajamas or shorts and a t-shirt, something easy to relax in. Clothes will stay on the whole time.
  • Please don’t wear strong scents or apply perfume or cologne, or smoke right before a session. If you need a nicotine patch to get through this, please add this as an option.

Everett Reiki and Intuitive Healing

Reiki and Intuitive Healing

If you are looking for touch than includes healing and mind/body conflict resolution, then a Reiki and Intuitive Healing session is a good choice for you.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If your life force energy is low you are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, you are more capable of being happy and healthy.

If you often have a frog in your throat, butterflies in your stomach, or just feel off-kilter, you may be experiencing energy misalignments. Our bodies are amazing machines. When the system is clogged, emotions may get stuck and allow pain to settle in the body. Reiki helps relieve tension to achieve enhanced vitality and health, putting you in better alignment with yourself.

Intuitive Healing will enhance your benefits of Reiki. It is an alternative method that lies within the practitioner to locate and correct imbalances. Vicki’s gift is to go gently with permission into the unconscious to help you ask, “Why am I feeling this way?” or, “What is holding me back?” You might get information around your physical pain. You can discover why you always feel bad at work, or why certain situations flare up physical or emotional pain. You may have an idea or goal in mind, but your body has a belief that does not co-exist with that idea. Working against yourself with this conflict brings many side effects and discomfort. Discover why and learn better ways to deal with the situation.

What to expect

Reiki and Intuitive Healing is done fully clothed on a massage table with the practitioner working above, around, and in light consensual contact. You may be guided to breathe, visualize, or express your experiences as the session unfolds. This is not massage, nor a medical treatment.

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Everett Holistic Pelvic Care

Holistic Pelvic Care

What is Holistic Pelvic care?

A woman is a creator who holds a sacred space in her body. As women we watch our diet and take care of our skin and hair. We need to care for our pelvic bowl as we do the rest of our body. For basic women’s health, pelvic work is as vital as getting your annual pap smear. HPC promotes healing such as birth trauma, miscarriage, sexual trauma, pelvic pain, leaking urine, and prolapse. You need not have an illness or ailment to benefit from HPC. This work also prevents problems from occurring by enhancing pelvic wellness through increased circulation and connection. Maintaining a healthy pelvic bowl enhances vitality and sexual function and enjoyment.

Holistic Pelvic Care™ was pioneered by Tami Lynn Kent, MSPT, in Portland, OR. It uses touch inside the vagina to smooth pelvic musculature and fascia and engages the energetic and emotional levels. On an energetic level, HPC guides women to activate the energy of their bodies and reclaim the wild feminine in themselves. Understanding the creative essence within your own center is the key to bringing your dreams to life.

What is HPC good for?

Specifically HPC can

  • restore pelvic muscle balance and engagement
  • support organ health, reducing the chance of disease
  • increase sexual health
  • alleviate symptoms such as pelvic pain, menstrual imbalance, leaking urine and prolapse
  • support healing after sexual abuse and trauma
  • enhance fertility and preparation for pregnancy
  • promote healing after traumatic or difficult birth
  • support healing after miscarriage and birth loss
  • facilitate postpartum healing
  • support transition to menopause
  • facilitate core energy flow and creativity by promoting connection of mind, heart, and pelvis
What can I expect in a session?

The first session is for information and consult. After you fill out intake forms regarding your pelvic health and issues you’d like to work on, we’ll take time to get to know each other and ask questions. You will undergo an energy sweep of your body to establish a starting point. Depending on how we feel, we may or may not get to hands-on touch. Subsequent sessions may include discussing your health, energy work, and hands-on touch including touch inside the vagina.

HPC can stir up emotions and feelings of vulnerability. I bring my training in the mindfulness practice of Hakomi and my skills in energy and intuitive healing into these sessions, so you are well cared for and supported at each step.

FAQ for Pelvic Care

Is pelvic massage painful?

The pelvic massage is gentle and respectful, following the lead of the body. It should never hurt. The response of a woman’s body guides the depth and direction of the hands-on work. Though HPC is gentle, the effects are profound and women often notice a change with even one session.

How many sessions are recommended?

Some clients receive treatment for an extended period and others just for a few visits. Length of treatment depends on the extent of a woman’s symptoms and how long she has been having them. Three sessions are recommended to start with as it allows enough information to establish if further work is needed.

What if I'm menstruating during the time of my session?

Women are welcome to receive HPC at any point in their cycle. A woman’s bleeding time can actually assist the hands-on work because the body is ready to shed old patterns.

What if I'm pregnant?

Internal pelvic work is not done during pregnancy, but visualization and energetic tools assist pelvic connection and balance during pregnancy as preparation for childbirth.

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Everett Emotional Support and Counseling

Emotional Support and Counseling

Are you there?

Do you get me?

Do you choose me?

These 3 questions hold the key to feeling whole and connected. Almost all of us have something holding us back from letting that happen. What obstacles might be showing up in your life? What beliefs no longer serve you? Using the therapeutic techniques of Hakomi we can engage both your body and mind to untangle and rewrite old patterns. Discover what is keeping you from being your most amazing self!

What is Hakomi?

Hakomi is often described as assisted self-discovery. It’s an experiential method of psychotherapy originated by Ron Kurtz that is taught around the world. Hakomi sessions are known for the focus on developing rapport between practitioner and client and following the client’s lead. Real suffering is part of life, but most of us also suffer unnecessarily. Hakomi techniques support clients in using mindfulness and gentle curiosity to explore past experiences that may have calcified into limiting beliefs that cause unnecessary suffering. It offers from the practitioner loving presence and the use of touch for nurturing and experiments to further assist the self-study. The results of this exploration are often increased clarity and creativity, renewed confidence, and awareness of the present moment.

What others think of Hakomi

"Hakomi is an excellent system for learning key emotional intelligence skills." - Daniel Goleman, author of the bestseller 'Emotional Intelligence'

"Hakomi practically invented mindfulness in psychotherapy." - Babette Rothschild, LCSW, author of 'The Body Remembers'

"Hakomi is the absolute cutting edge of modern therapeutic technique." '- John Bradshaw, author of 'Bradshaw on The Family'

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Everett Rates


Session Rates are based on $90 for services up to 60 minutes.

All sessions are by appointment; walk-in services are not offered.

To best serve you a 15-minute pre-appointment call to go over guidelines and answer questions before your first visit is required.

Cuddling, Reiki and Intuitive Healing rates are $90 for 60 minutes, with additional 30-minute increments at $30 each if you desire longer sessions.

Emotional Support and Counseling and Holistic Pelvic Care sessions range from 40-60 minutes. These sessions either don't require additional time for services or would need to be discussed in advanced to extending.

Please give 48-hour notice if you need to cancel your appointment. A service fee of $45 may be billed for missed appointments or last-minute cancellations.

Cash, check or PayPal accepted. You may pay online when booking your appointment or at the beginning of your session.

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