Counseling &
Emotional Support

Be supported while being guided to self-awareness and healing self-discovery. Ease unnecessary suffering using mindfulness and gentle curiosity.

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Energy &
Intuitive Healing

Your body knows how to heal itself.  Let’s use the healing wisdom you already have inside of you to get to the root of your dis-ease. 

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Cuddling for Wellness

Experience the many benefits of cuddling. Touch is enormously healing. Enjoy cuddling and nurturing touch with a professional cuddle companion.

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Vicki Tracy

Vicki Tracy’s Hands on Healing is all about comfort: finding comfort in your emotions, and in your body around physical aches and pains. Or perhaps you just need to be nurtured and relax, to get away from your busy day for a while.

Vicki believes that what affects the mind also affects the body, and vice versa. By discovering the conflicts or mixed messages between the two you can resolve distress and discomfort and feel more ease in your life. Your healing session is custom-tailored for your needs using many skills and techniques, giving you exactly what you need rather than a one-size-fits-all experience.

What clients are saying

Vicki’s ability to observe my potential in a way that I never thought of has helped me become more comfortable in my own skin.  Which is something I’ve been desperate to feel since I was a young girl.  Her open mind and open heart helped me better understand pieces of myself that I had left untouched.  She helped me awaken pieces of me that have been lying dormant for years.    Vicki normalizes topics that are often considered taboo or uncomfortable societal beliefs.  I always look forward to having a session with her to see what will be revealed next! 

T.A.   California.

Vicki’s complete acceptance and understanding allows me to completely relax into the session letting the most profound experiences unfold. There seems to be no limit to her learning, she taps into something more powerful than human knowledge. In every session with Vicki, I am confident knowing that we will uncover a new level of health for my body-mind. 

T.K. New York

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