BodyTalk and Your Covid Vaccinations

Covid vaccinations – BodyTalk, an energy medicine system, helps you access the natural healing properties we all have inside of us was great support for me while I was getting my Covid-19 vaccinations.   I reached out to a colleague to have sessions before both of my Covid-19 vaccines to help prepare my body for the shot and to ease or diminish all those side effects we are all hearing about. 

Mentally we know that the vaccine is good for us. It is meant to keep us safe and healthy. But our bodies sometimes think of a vaccine as an “invader” and fights against it.  The vaccine is intended to provoke an immune reaction, this is what can cause symptoms.   For some it was minor, but others I have heard from say that it wiped them out for days.  

Having had BodyTalk for myself before each vaccine, all I noticed was a mild soreness in my arm for about 12 hours.  I had NO side effects at all.  These BodyTalk sessions also gave me solace that my body would adjust and accept the vaccine more as a friend than as an invader and I am at peace knowing that I am now fully protected (as much as possible) against Covid-19.  

A Covid-19 Vaccine session is just one way that BodyTalk can support you.  What ails you that a BodyTalk session can invoke your natural healing properties and enhance your life and well-being?

Please refer to the World Health Organization for the latest on Covid-19.


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