Masks | A Poem By Vicki Tracy

Masks – a poem by Vicki Tracy

Behind my mask
I talk less
My mind has built
This means “hussshhh”

Behind my mask
My frown is hidden
When I’m sad, tired,
Or deep in thought

This is new
I would (mostly) never
Frown out-loud
Smiles only for my public face

Behind their masks
Others are hard to hear
Their words garbled
Too soft for my ears

Behind their masks
Are their fears
How do I know?
It leaks to their eyes

Don’t get too close
Don’t touch me

It’s a bit of a
Deer in the headlights look

Masks hide our fear
Our pain
Our sadness
Our joy

These physical masks
Mandatory now
But look close-
Most people still wear
Their invisible ones.


Thank you for reading my poetry. Writing is something I enjoy doing.
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When I wrote this poem my day started horribly. I received a scathing email from someone with whom I was inquiring about services. I was floored by the angry, all-bold-cap response I had gotten to my request. It shook me up for sure. My lack of knowledge about her services got me a slap in the face. I was just supposed to know?

I think that early morning jolt really put me in the mood to notice more around me. As my day went forward I saw many types of emotions. Besides the blatant anger, I saw blatant thoughtlessness, inattentiveness, and, thankfully, one very attentive person whose smile reacher her eyes.

Were those tell-tale signs always there and I was just noticing more today? So I started looking past the masks, and as you can see, my poem emerged.

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